Links   Find out more about Christian Science beliefs, watch video testimonials, find answers to Frequently Asked Questions, join a discussion in a public forum, and read inspiring articles.

Daily Lift  Your Daily Lift is an inspired 2-min podcast every weekday. Get lifted.

JSH-Online A whole new way of studying, searching, sharing, and subscribing to the Christian Science magazines – all on one, easy-to-use website.
Questions About Christian Science?   Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Christian Science.

Christian Science in So Cal   The official blog site of the Committee on Publication for Southern California.  The Committee is the media spokesperson and the legislative advocate answering questions about Christian Science and correcting misconceptions concerning Christian Science and Mary Baker Eddy.

Prayer That Heals – a collection of healing articles, testimonies, and videos hosted by the Christian Science Churches in Southern California.

The EACH (Equitable Access to Care and Health) Act — HR 1814 — is a modest, technical modification to the religious conscience exemption from the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

The Christian Science Monitor – Internationally Acclaimed Newspaper   Visit the free online news site for the internationally acclaimed Christian Science Monitor with articles and audio reports covering the days news, as well as special reports.  There is also a Weekly Print Edition and you may subscribe to a weekday Daily News Briefing that comes via e-mail.

The Mary Baker Eddy Library in Boston   Read biographical information about Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science, or contact research librarians to ask questions about her life and times. Users may also request copies of Mrs. Eddy’s unpublished works (for a fee).

Time4Thinkers   Participate in discussion boards that appeal to young people – and youthful thinkers. Listen to or download inspiring podcasts.  Writers, musicians, artists, inspirational speakers, and students talk about spirituality and finding deeper meaning in life. Podcasts are produced in partnership with the students, faculty, and graduates of Christian Science organizations at colleges and universities worldwide.  Check out church college groups, camps, schools and other groups related to Christian Science on our Youth page.

Church Alive   Church is an idea that has been defined in many ways over the centuries within the Christian tradition. For Christian Scientists, church is much more than a place or a community.  Explore together the spiritual basis and awakening impact of Church.

Christian Science Reading Rooms.  Visit the Christian Science Reading Room in your community.  It’s a combination bookstore, library and study room.  Find a Reading Room.  You will also find jointly maintained Reading Rooms in Downtown Los AngelesDowntown San Diego, and at the San Francisco Airport.

Christian Science Joint Media Committee of Southern California   A “clearinghouse” for information about Christian Science activities in the Southern California area.

Committee on Christian Science Work in LA County Institutions   Services conducted in Los Angeles county jails and camps.

Christian Science Committee on Institutional Work in California  Chaplains meet with individuals currently incarcerated in the penal system or staying in the VA hospitals in California.

Local Christian Science Nursing & Care Services   Information about nursing and care services for Christian Scientists in Southern California.

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