Learn about Christian Science

Christian Scientists believe in one, infinite God who is All and all-good. We believe that God is not distant and unknowable, but that God is all-encompassing and always present, and that each individual is loved by God, cared for by Him/Her, and made in God’s image—spiritual, not material.

Christian Scientists look to the Old and New Testaments of the Bible for inspiration and believe Christ Jesus to be the Son of God, or promised Messiah. And we believe that Jesus’ teachings and healing work expressed scientific Christianity, or the application of the laws of God—laws which are still practical and provable today, by anyone, anywhere. Christian Scientists consider the Commandments, as well as Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, to be central to their lives and practice of Christianity.

Above all, Christian Scientists believe in the saving, healing power of God’s love—that no one is beyond redemption, that no problem is too entrenched or overwhelming to be addressed and healed. In other words, Christian Scientists don’t believe that salvation only occurs at some point in the future, but that the presence of God’s goodness can be experienced here and now—and by everyone.


The practice of our faith, Christian Science, is an everyday activity.  It occurs thought-by -thought.  We believe that to think and live from a spiritual standpoint changes and improves everything — health, ethics, relationships.

Our practice is grounded in daily Scripture study and prayer.  Students of Christian Science around the world read a common weekly lesson comprised of passages from the Bible and Mary Baker Eddy’s seminal work, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.  These lessons encourage us to emulate Jesus’ works, to move beyond cherishing his words or personality, to doing the works he did and taught others to do.  And, “doing the works” of Christ Jesus includes healing – healing of mind and body.